Consulting Services

Terrus has an extensive history in representing and assisting clients from both an ownership and a tenant perspective.  This client base of tenants, landlords and users allows us the ability to understand the unique issues and challenges facing each party within a transaction.  Our knowledge and experience is a valuable asset to our clients that will be demonstrated throughout the life of the investment.  Through careful market research and in-depth financial analysis, we provide solutions and advice that is tailored to achieve our client's overall goals and objectives and maximize their investments.

Consulting Services Include

  • Lease vs. Own Analysis
  • Lease Analysis and Negotiation Strategy
  • Lease Valuations
  • Property Valuations
  • Market Analysis
  • Real Estate Planning
  • Business Review of Leases and Purchase Contracts
  • Multiple Scenario Analysis and Recommendations
  • Lease and/or Property Pricing Analysis and Negotiation Strategy
  • Dispositions/Acquisitions
  • Corporate Facilities Planning and Strategy
  • Go/No Go Analysis